Learning and Teaching

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Curriculum Planning

“Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide” (2017) mentioned “Joyful Learning through Play Balanced Development All the Way”. We adopt “Child-Centredness” as our core value and uphold the essential principle of “Understanding and respecting the unique developmental patterns of every child”. The curriculum of our school is based on the principle of “Childhood Development” and “Childhood Learning”. Moreover, we are aware of each child’s interests, needs and abilities to provide real-life, sensory and interesting learning experiences to let them have a balanced development. We not only focus on the domains of ethics intellect, physique, social skill, aesthetics, our school also brings attention to spiritual development. The element of moral development is emphasized to instil in children positive values and attitudes.

Curriculum Aims

  • To foster children’s balanced development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics
  • To help children develop good living habits and a strong and healthy body
  • To foster in children an interest in learning, an inquisitive mind and eagerness to explore
  • To instil in children positive values and attitudes
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