Approaches to Teaching

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Cultivating confident and active children

We create a learning environment that is safe, healthy, integrated and in harmony with others to stimulate children to explore and discover. Providing an opportunity for children to observe, think and express themselves. Building up children to be proactive and confident.

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To create a language-rich environment

We focus on developing children's good reading habits and language skills, and encourage children to use their mother tongue to express their ideas. In addition, we design interesting English activities to help children learn English more effectively.

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Collaboration among school, family and community

We attach importance to the establishment of home-school cooperation and the promotion of parent-child relations. We regularly organise seminars, NCS parent groups, parent-child activities and the recruitment of parent volunteers etc. We also arrange different kind of teaching materials and social resource to provide a variety of learning activities to ensure that families work together with the school to foster the healthy growth of children.