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Please come in to school to obtain the application form or download the application from this website. Complete and submit the required documents to school.
Special Arrangements for NCS students interview: Please contact us at 2490 5871 if interpretation / translation service is required. Parents are welcome to bring along one of their relatives / friends who can speak and understand Chinese.

Download Application Form Admission arrangements for kindergarten (K1) in the 2022/2023
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  1. Show the original birth certificate and submit a copy
  2. Show the parents’ ID card and submit a copy
  3. Submit two student photos
  4. Submit three self-addressed envelopes
  5. Provide the original proof of address and submit the copy
  6. Registration fee $40

Age of Admission

2022 - 2023 Admission


Children born in 2019, admission to K1 Class


Children born in 2018, admission to K2 Class


Children born in 2017, admission to K3 Class